Chronic Fatigue

Stressed Woman
Where does energy come from?

Are you tired of being tired? A lack of energy is a primary sign that the body is not operating on all cylinders and needs support. The energy system of the body is very complex and relies on each individual system to be working properly. The digestive system needs to be extracting nutrients from the foods you eat,  the hormonal system needs to be signaling the proper management of those nutrients (glucose) into the cells, once inside the cell there needs to be proper enzymes to transform glucose into cellular energy, and the nervous system has to be able to relax at night for proper sleep and regeneration. This explanation is far from comprehensive but gives you the idea that creating energy is quite a complex process! 

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Patient Testimonial

I first came to Dr. Farinella in the summer last year after spending about 3 months being insanely fatigued, not sleeping well and just at the end of my rope. I had no idea how I was going to keep up with my life if I didn't feel better and I didn't feel like I had enough energy to even problem solve.  Dr. Farinella has been treating me with homeopathic remedies and it brought me back to life. I started feeling better the day she gave me the remedy and almost doubted it could be the remedy but it was and it got better from there! Homeopathy is now my first stop for any issue and I am so thankful to have learned about it and experienced the huge improvement in my health and symptoms. -Shanelle S.

Every individual is unique. Every type of fatigue is unique. Some people are only tired in the morning, others have a lack of stamina in the afternoon. Still others only have fatigue when they are trying to concentrate, read a book, or after exercise. These variations in how fatigue presents are important and they are all treated differently. Your body expresses symptoms in a very clear way. After evaluating all of the symptoms present, even those that do not seem directly related to fatigue, a homeopathic medicine is chosen to stimulate the body's natural ability to balance the energy production process.


Laboratory testing is used when necessary to rule out certain diseases that can cause fatigue such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, anemia, or cancer.

Whatever point alone the energy pathway is deficient, homeopathic medicines can support the body in restoring proper function. In fact, a boost in energy is one of the first things to improve with a properly selected remedy.