Why do I feel so overwhelmed? 

Anxiety is an extremely broad name for a wide variety of symptoms. Mental and emotional symptoms are equal in importance to physical ones when we are talking about how the body expresses imbalance. Your anxiety is an expression of imbalance. By understanding the unique way in which your anxiety presents itself in your daily life, we can find a way to cure it. Homeopathic medicine is a safe and effective way to shift the anxiety cycle and find relief.

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How will you help my anxiety?

No two people have exactly the same anxiety. No one has the same cycle of thoughts, actions, and physical symptoms that has been classically labeled as "anxiety." This is where homeopathic treatment excels. Read a few of these examples and see if they align with your cycle of anxiety. The Corrigent approach offers each of these scenarios a different homeopathic treatment to target the core imbalance, stimulate the healing system, and eliminate the cycle. 

Post Traumatic Stress: Has there been a significant event in your life that initiated the cycle of anxiety? Were you in a car crash, experienced abuse, or other situations where your life was at risk? These events could lead to a strong fear of death, a physical restlessness, inability to focus, and panic attacks with a racing heart, difficulty breathing, and dizziness. These individuals often experience anxiety when driving and wake frequently at night. 

Health Worries: Do you find yourself frequently fearful of disease or your health failing? Specifically, do you have an overwhelming fear of heart disease, cancer, or death? This type of anxiety could cause you to seek multiple healthcare providers in search for answers. There might be difficulty breathing, asthma, burning pains, or a general chilliness to the body. 


Perfectionism: These individuals find themselves worried about so many little details in day to day life. It can even be hard to work in groups or have others complete tasks because things need to be completed in a certain way. They are very proper, think in a very matter-of-fact way, and have a strong control over their emotions. Having the house neat and tidy will help their anxiety significantly. 

Fear in Children: There are many things that can cause anxiety in children: fear of the dark, new situation or people, being alone, animals, or exams at school. Some children even suffer from such a strong desire to do things the right way that it can lead to anxiety. 

There are so many stories and so many cycles of anxiety beyond these described. Come share your story and find relief today.