achieving health



Philosophy of Health

1. The Body Has Basic Requirements

In order to function at max capacity our body require proper hydration, nourishment, exercise, rest, and relaxation. If any of these are lacking, our system becomes stressed! This may not be obvious right away because our bodies have an amazing capacity to compensate and keep going! Eventually, however, aches and pains begin, mental fog sets in, emotions become unbalanced, and we break down. Reestablishing these basic foundations of health is the first step.

2. Symptoms Are The Road map

Symptoms are a direct communication regarding the breakdown or disruption within the body. They are a means by which the body is attempting to reestablish health. They can be used as a guide for treatment and should not be suppressed if they are not a direct threat to life.

3. The Body Can Heal Itself

The body has an innate ability to heal itself and fend off everyday disturbances to maintain balance.  This system is made up of many players including the immune cells, nerve signaling pathways, hormones, and so much more that all work together to restore balance. Honoring and supporting this system with medicines the provide the least force necessary to overcome disturbances will produce long term healing not just symptom suppression.