Cramping:  Menstrual

& Muscular

Woman having a stomachache, or menstruat
How can I Lessen the pain of cramps?

There are plenty of tips and tricks to help ease cramping. From magnesium to potassium and pickle juice, there are ways to tackle those pesky and painful spasms.  But more than just helping one symptom go away, the Corrigent approach will treat you as a whole person. Through this approach, not only will the cramps stop but you will find overall improvement when your body finds balance again.

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How do you know what's
wrong with me?

To begin, we will conduct a detailed history of your situation. Every individual is unique. Every situation of muscle cramping is unique. From one person to the next, the muscles that are affected, what time of day does it happen, what makes it better or worse, a clear understanding of your situation is revealed. One person has leg cramps that only happen at night. Another person has cramps in the hands when writing. Some women have cramping before their menses, while others have it only after the flow begins. These variations are important. Your body expresses symptoms in a very clear way. Labs may also be used to determine a cause for the cramps. After gathering the necessary details, a course of treatment that fits your overall picture will be created.

Where do cramps come from?

It seems like such a simple question and yet the body is quite complex! Cramps are a sign that the muscular system is not functioning properly. For a muscle to contract and relax, there is an extensive interplay between multiple systems. The nervous system has to be sending the signals to the muscles. The skeletal system needs to be in alignment so the nerves have a clear pathway without being pinched. The circulatory system needs to be bringing blood to the area with nutrients. The stored energy within the muscles must be released properly. The digestive system needs to be absorbing electrolytes, calcium, and energy from food which are required on the cellular level for the muscle to contract and relax again. For cramping in the reproductive system, the hormones need to be balanced in order to promote the shedding of the uterine lining without pain. This explanation is far from comprehensive but, whatever is unbalanced, it can be corrected with diet, lifestyle, and homeopathic medicines can support the body in restoring proper function. homeopathic treatment.