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Why do I feel so numb?

Depression is an extremely broad name for a wide variety of symptoms. Mental and emotional symptoms are equal to physical ones when we are talking about how the body expresses imbalance. Mental and emotional symptoms are just that, symptoms. When the body is stimulated to heal itself, it can do so on all levels. By understanding the unique way in which your depression cycle operates, we can find a cure. Homeopathic medicine is a safe and effective way to shift the depression cycle and find relief.


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How will you help me find happiness?

No two people have exactly the same depression. No one has the same cycle of thoughts, actions, and physical symptoms that has been classically labeled as "depression." This is where homeopathic treatment excels. Read a few of these examples and see if they align with your cycle of depression. At Corrigent Health, each of these scenarios would receive a different treatment to target the core imbalance, stimulate the healing system, and eliminate the cycle. 

The Servant Heart: This person is one who gives and gives until there is nothing left to give. They fall into depression when they find themselves empty, lacking identity because they placed their worth entirely on others, and they are burnt out. These individuals can be taken advantage of, or abused, by others which can lead to either more giving, to fight for acceptance, or anger which is tucked inside to avoid being abandoned. 

The Competitor: This person is the fighter, the one on top, who has worked hard for their success. Some may say they are a workaholic. In the event that they lose their status, a layoff or change of job, they can fall into depression. They have such a high standard for themselves that they feel "what they do is never good enough." 

The Dependent: This person is very mild, yielding, and is best when others are with them. In children, this can look like the clingy child that follows mom around all time. They want to please others to receive the support and affection they crave. The depression here will look sad, weepy, with thoughts "Why am I alone?" Even when others around them try to provide love, it can often not be enough. 

The Broken Heart: Grief is a huge contributor to depression. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, or a broken relationship, maybe a pet passing away, this disturbance can impact a person for a long time. Some will want consolation from friends and family while others will want to be alone to cry. Grief can be expressed out loud or kept within. If the grief is unresolved, it can lead to depression. 

There are so many other stories, and so many remedies that cover the varying cycles of depression. Share your story and find relief today.