The Farinella Family

Dr. Laurie Bachand

Laurie Bachand and Johnny Farinella were married on February 10, 2018. Their blended family includes four beautiful children who fill their home with vibrancy and laughter! The oldest, Vivianna is a gracious helper and budding scientist. Mia is the firecracker, artist, and comedian. Tony is the protector with the warmest hugs and genuine heart. Evalina is the caretaker and may be the youngest but has a personality twice her size.

Dr. Farinella previously worked as a secondary science teacher at the Attic Learning Community for 2 years. Her class helped young teens learn about health and wellness. Doctor as teacher is a fundamental principal of naturopathic medicine and it was a fun experience practicing this skill with the teens.

The kitchen is her safe haven and place of stress relief. From skillet to baking dish, Laurie enjoys the challenge of cooking and sharing yummy food with friends.