Health Education

& Coaching

Join the Core. Be The Core.

Knowledge is power and lasting health. For a better understanding of the Corrigent approach, we hold webinars, panel discussions, and live workshops. If you would like to attend or to review a recording from a recent event, simply send a chat message! 


Individual and group health education and coaching sessions are a valuable way for you to expand your knowledge and take control of your own health.


WellCore Basics:  $100

This 60 minute one-on-one session will cover the foundations of health and well-being. You will discover the model of disease, the factors that determine how the body handles daily health disturbances, and practical ways to support the natural healing ability of the body.


WellCore Applications: $100

Once the basics course is complete the application can begin! We will identify which foundations need extra support in your own health and learn practical ways to enhance well-being. Topics will revolve around your interests and can include anything from basic healthy cooking techniques, meal planning for specific health concerns, optimizing strength for sports, building exercise routines, ways to sleep better, reduce stress or general questions about the human body. Package pricing also available for discounted rates.

WellCore Medic: $100

This course is designed to explore questions about specific health conditions. If you want a greater understanding of the rationale behind your doctor's recommendations or want to discuss the effects of certain pharmaceutical and natural treatments on the body this is the course for you.

WellCore Group (3-6 people): $300

Designed for teenage or adult groups that want a fun way to learn about health together. Typically these group sessions are 2 hours long with hands on activities and discussions. You may be a group of friends interested in nutrition, a small group wanting healthy cooking tips, moms concerned about prevention of the flue for their families, new parents with questions about sleep training for baby, or want your teens to learn why they need to eat their vegetables! Whatever the topic and whoever joints in, it will be hands on, active, and fun learning.

Package pricing:

WellCore Membership - $600

This 3 month membership includes an initial full physical and lab assessment of your current health. You will then be enrolled in the WellCore Basics course and 3 application courses which will help build your foundational knowledge of health and wellness. From here, you will have weekly phone support to solidify your learning as you begin to make shifts in your nutrition and lifestyle choices. The ups and downs of the journey are very real and this option allows you access to the support you need.

WellCore Application or Medic Package- $250

Package includes 3 courses which can be used at any time with no expiration.