Craniosacral & Visceral Manipulation


Manual Therapy

Craniosacral and Visceral manipulation are gentle, manual therapies that releases restrictions in the fascia, soft tissue, and ligaments surrounding the bones and organs (viscera). Dr. Farinella identifies altered or decreased motion within these structures and applies specific techniques to release tension in these tissues and restore normal flow. 


Releasing these restrictions allows for optimal blood, nerve, and lymph flow. When organ function and overall structural integrity are optimized, healing can occur faster. Musculoskeletal pain patterns also resolve when the tension in the fascia and ligaments surrounding the organs is released.


There are many reasons that restrictions can occur in the body. Inflammation from food allergies, leaky gut, infection or autoimmune activity, sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, or any form of surgery are a few examples. 

Conditions Treated

Whiplash • Sports Injuries • Musculoskeletal pain

Digestive complaints: Bloating, constipation, nausea • Acid reflux and GERD  Chronic Pelvic Pain • Bladder Incontinence • Men's Health Conditions

Chronic Spinal Dysfunction • Headaches and Migraines

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Peripheral Joint Pain • Sciatica

Post-operative Scar Tissue

Pediatric Issues: colic, constipation, gastritis

Emotional Issues: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD

Initial session: $85
The first visit for therapy will be 60 minutes and include a comprehensive organ and fascial assessment along with treatment.
Follow up sessions: $45-$85
Further visits will be 30-60 minutes, depending upon established treatment goals. Depending upon the condition, and response to treatment, the number of follow up visits may vary.
Package rate: $215
This package includes the initial session and 4 follow up sessions. Overall, $50 discount included.